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Wireless Charger Car

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This Phone Charger Is No Regular Charger. It Not Only Holds Your Phone Up While Driving, But Can Charge Any Phone While On Your Way To Your Destination.

  • 【Product introduction】It can automatically adjust the output power[15W / 10W / 7.5W / 5W] so that you can charge more quickly. Sensor sensing device allows more intelligent experience of putting and taking out mobile phones.You can rest assured that it can be firmly fixed to your mobile phone and has 360° rotation use.
  • 【Latest update】 It comes with three kinds of magnetic charging connectors, even if your phone can't be charged wirelessly.We can also solve this problem better so that you can experience the convenience of wireless charging, which is a great feature of our product.
  • 【Two charging modes】 One is magnetic charging through the phone charging hole, the other is through the magnetic wireless charging panel.
  • 【Right phone】 Our in-car wireless phone charger works with Apple, Samsung, and 99 percent of all smartphones on the market.
  • 【Excellent after-sales service】 We deliver through the official logistics of Amazon. Please confirm whether the package is in good condition when you receive it.If there are any quality problems occurs within three months of your use, please contact us.We will re-mail a new product to you (only once).