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Solid Wood Massage Bath Comb

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After receiving a massage dogs can feel the same way as we can. The benefits are numerous for owner’s and pets alike. We can all use more relaxation in our lives.
It Reduces Stress– Massage studies have proven this and everyone, even pets, can benefit from this. Since dogs pick up on our stress the can also use some de-stressing as well. If your dog is easily anxious this is a great way to help reduce some of that.
It will Improve Circulation– With increased circulation from massage the body can recover after exercise and also help with conditions, such as arthritis. The act of pressuring and releasing muscles creates blood flow which is very healing to the body.
It can Strengthen Your Relationship– A wonderful way to build your relationship is through touch. Be sure to ease your dog into it, as it may be new and uncomfortable to them at first. Once your dog realizes the benefits this will be something he will look forward to. It’s not hard to find a reason for your dog to want to be near you. This is one way that you can both feel connected.
This shower comb is composed of solid wood and TRP rubber. It is high-quality, comfortable and safe. It can be used as a massage brush every day, or as a cleaning brush during bathing. A good comb is durable and we look forward to your try.

About this item:

1.【Exquisite walnut material】This wooden shampoo brush is designed to replace the traditional plastic brush. The handle is made of carefully carved and polished walnut wood,which is healthy, sturdy, elegant and fast drying. Long-lasting use without fall apart or broke like a plastic hair brush.
2.【Suitable for people and pets】Scalp massager with soft, but sturdy TRP bristles that easily penetrate thick hair to reach the scalp root without tangling or pulling. Massages scalp helps to relax scalp muscles, relieve stress, relieve itching and promotes blood flow & circulation.
3.【Ergonomic】Ergonomic design upgrade wood handle with non-slip gap fits perfectly in your hand for better control. Lightweight, easy to hold and use, no need to worry about your long nails or sensitive scalp.