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Rope Launcher

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Key Features:

 • Closing doors take too much effort, use this rope launcher instead.

 • Anything within your sight is yours to grab with this rope launcher.

 • Show your cat that you’ve got games, and help them realize they needs better owner.

The rope launcher is one of the most exciting and viral toy for troublemakers out there. With the ability to launch and balance the 5 feet long rope mid air, everything within this diameter is in the grasp of your palm to control.

This device allows you to control, manipulate and maneuver the attached string to your imagination. You can do cool things like control the string to interact with object to emulate mesmerizing patterns, grab anything within reach, or just to annoy your pet.

The design is adorable with different colors for your liking. Portable, compact and fun to play with multiple string length for different skill levels, this rope launcher is guaranteed to be the center of attention at any party.

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Package include:

1x Rope Launcher

2x Strings


Battery: 3x AA batteries (not included)