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Non-stick silicone baking mat Heat resistant

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  • 【FOOD SAFE/NON-TOXIC & HEALTHY】: Made of premium quality US FDA and European LFGB food-grade silicone and fiberglass. The 100% non-toxic platinum silica gel passed strict food safety tests. Heat-Resistant, safe from bitter cold to intense heat (-40°F up to 480°F). Naturally nonstick mat reduces intake of cholesterol, saturated fat & cancerogenic substances produced by cooking oils subjected to high temperatures.
  • 【NON-STICK & EASY-TO-CLEAN】: Eliminates the need to use butter when baking or rolling pastry due to its non-stick surface! Even burnt sugar and fat falls off on its own . Just rinse the mat in warm soapy water or put it in a dishwasher to clean it. Repeated multiple uses and washing cycles do not affect non-stick properties of the mat. After every use and cleanup, it will be just like new again.
  • 【OVEN SAFE】: These professional-grade baking mats are designed for most ovens, and the hollow design improves the overall heat distribution and air circulation to achieve a uniform and consistent effect without scorching or undercooked spots. The Baking Mat can eliminat the need for butter, oil, unhealthy sprays or the waste of using parchment paper and foil to cover your baking and cooking surface. The mats enable you to cook low fat meals that the whole family can enjoy.
  • 【SIZE & MULTI-PURPOSE】: 2pcs 15.8" x 11.8", This silicone mat fits US standard half size baking sheets. Perfect for baking, kneading, rolling,candy/macaron/pastry/cookie/bun/bread making as well as for freezing meat balls, dumplings, fruits and vegetables. Best in class quality, Reusable over 30000 times.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL BAKING】: If you have been without a silicone baking mat, you have been missing out! These heavenly, food-safe silicone baking mats are perfect for the seasoned pastry chef, at home baking enthusiast, or novice just getting started. Turn any quarter sheet cookie tray into a non-stick surface for healthy and convenient every day baking and cooking.