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Miniature Hand

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Key Features:

 • Put yourself in the T-Rex shoes with these tiny hands.

 • Always be prepared and have something up your sleeves.

 • Allow your cat to express their disappointment in you with these little mitts.

 • Now you can confidently say that you have “small hands".

Ever felt like 2 hands are not enough to express your emotion? How about 10 hands? Miniature Hand is the funniest item we have in our store, with 6 different gestures, there is no shortage of how much sass you can give, or your cat.

Made with high quality and durable rubber, these rubber hands allow you to expression international gestures on objects or pets for hilarious photo or Tiktok sessions. You are literally a walking meme!

Small, durable and easy to clean, you can’t go wrong with these tiny rubber hands. Now you can say even more with your extra added body parts!

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