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Egg cracker opener

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  • High Quality - Stainless steel design is durable and suitable for dishwasher. Great to use at home or restaurant
  • Perfect for Any Occasions - Soft boiled, hard boiled or raw eggs. The ultimate egg topper, cracker, opener, separator and cutter
  • Exquisite Design - The hole or circle of egg shell cutter is just wider than the average tea spoon. The inside edge is a simple rim, smooth and not sharp
  • Crack a Circle in Any Egg Size - The dome will fit right over any egg, no matter small, medium or large. It will make great egg pudding desserts
  • Easy to Use - By lifting the weight and then releasing it to crack the top of the egg and you will get a perfect circle cracked into the shell, which can be easily removed by hand or use a spoon or knife in the seam