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Car humidifier

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    • [Special attention] Acd water for the first time afterpurchase, let it stand for ten minutes, let the filter swabcompletely soaked,and then turn it on again! ! !
    • [TakeCare of Your Health] -This USB wireless dual-spray purifying humidifier can effectively increase the humidity ofyour personal space and help prevent dry skin and chappedskin during dry autumn and winter. Deeply moisturize yourskin.
    • [Unique Negative lon Purification Function] -360° circularair intake, no dead angle purification, effectively purifies theair,PM2.5, odor and other pollutants, so that fresh air accompanies it (negative ions can use themselves to purify,remove dust, and deodorize the air , So that there are fewerimpurities in the air and fresher)
    • [Ultra-quiet, Safe, Intelligent Design] -Using ultrasonictechnology, the working sound is less than 30db, so thatyou will not be disturbed while sleeping or working. Oncethe water is used up, the humidifier will automatically turnoff. very suitable for bedroom, baby room, living room,office, car, hotel, office, plant, face.
    • [Large Capacity Battery]-Our car humidifier comes with alarge 2000 mAh battery, portable mini desktop aroma diffuser, carry it with you, use it anytime, anywhere, with a USB power interface, which can be connected to a computer/mobile power supplyl socket power socket/ Plugit into the UsB port of the car.This is a wonderful
      anniversary/birthday/Halloween/Valentine/Christmas gift forrelatives, children, friends,teachers and classmates