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2 Pcs Car Rainproof Film for Car

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Product Name: Rainproof Film for Car Rearview Mirror
Film use: clear and clear drivers can drive safely in rainy weather
Sales Unit: 2 Pcs
Product size: 100x150mm / 95x135mm / 95x95mm
Product use: auto parts
Product Name: Car Rearview Mirror Rain Film
Product material: optical grade PET
Product color: transparent
Applicable models: universal
Glue: Silicone
Features: anti-fog and anti-fog, rainproof and durable, use tools to scrape, towel, handkerchief, paper towel, boil for various tests, the rain effect is still very good, the temperature test gel is stable, never leave. Our raw materials are based on Japan's highly transparent PET film. The surface of the substrate is made of a nano-waterproof and anti-fog coating imported from Japan. The back of the substrate is made of silicone imported from Japan. The product is waterproof, anti-fog and oil resistant. Static, anti-ultraviolet, anti-bacterial, gel layer automatically and quickly ventilated, can be repeatedly pasted, never residual glue, 0.12MM thickness is high scratch-resistant material, can be used steel ball brush, durable.