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10pcs Rotating Fish Hook

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🐟High-quality materials: The fishing hooks are made of black nickel , and each hook is hand-polished to ensure that the hooks are sharp. High strength and corrosion resistance.
🐟Will not escape: less deep hooks, unique round hooks ensure that the hooks reach the corners of the mouth, easy to remove the hooks, more fishing.
🐟Suitable for freshwater and seawater fishing: use it to target tuna, marlin, marine fish, sharks, Oahu, dahlia, striped bass, fins, bonito, etc.
🐟High-quality craftsmanship: Each hook is polished by hand to ensure the sharpness of the hook. Accurately bend into a perfect round. The handles, bends, points, and barbs are all on the same plane without offset, making it an excellent choice for trolling or retrieving bait.